Riding Horses is a Wonderful Thing...

Not every horse is suitable for any rider though.  Lots of people don't understand that and end up with issues that can put them in very unsafe situations. We specialize in helping make sure that the horse and rider are suited for each other.  We will help with specific issues or help with the all around horse.

It is hard to determine...

how long it will take for each horse without first knowing what the problems are and what the riders level of confidence is.  Therefore, we like to do an evaluation with the horse and the rider and discuss the options from there.  Many times it is an easy fix and can be done within 30 or 60 days.  Other times it takes much longer.  Either way, we take each situation individually by coming up with specific goals and a "game plan".  Our goal is not to keep your horse here any longer than necessary.

We can take horses that have never been worked with...

or we can take the ones that are older and have issues.  No horse is considered a lost cause - so don't worry.  In some cases it may turn out that the horse and the rider aren't suited for the one another.  That doesn't mean that the horse is bad or the rider is bad - it only means that it will either take lots of work and dedication or it might be best to find another horse more evenly "yolked" for the rider.  We can help you out in either situation.

Our basic fee is $675/ month.
This includes 30 hours of training and all the feed, hay and care.

Before we get started in a training program...

we will also want to make sure that the horse has had recent dental floating and that their hooves are in good shape.  The horse must also be in good "physical" shape as well.  (No underweight horses will be accepted into the training program).  If you aren't sure about all of that - we can have our dentist and farrier look at them to make sure there are no issues.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us! We are always open to answering


Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.